Monday, August 12, 2013

New Fall 2013 McCalls Patterns

  In my last post, I generally freaked out about the latest Simplicity costume patterns. Well, this is my freaking out over the new McCall's patterns.

 (Note: there are some new Butterick patterns, just nothing super exciting).

  Okay, letsa go!

  Like I mentioned in the last post, I talked about how sort of awful the new Merida Simplicity pattern is. Well... check this bad boy out.

 Look how detail-laiden the pattern is. GEEZ. They make it look sort of historically accurate, whenever Brave was supposed to have happened. The fact is, this pattern just beats the PULP out of the Simplicity one. I mean, look. 

Unaltered (or 'vanilla' for those of you who understand that terminology), the pattern is just gorgeous. That wig, however, is not. 

Like Simplicity, McCalls has some Steampunk action going on. 

This has actually been out for a few months, I just never bothered to post about it until now. It's a really awesome pattern because it has a ton of mix-and-match pieces, most of which are vital to basic Steampunk costumes. 
Note the layered ruffle bustle, the heavy back detail on the jacket, and the awesome pantaloons. Definitely a keeper pattern. 

 AND WHERE THE HECK HAS THIS PATTERN BEEN ALL MY LIFE? Talk about amazingly and awesomely Steampunk.

However, if I'm guessing right, I'm thinking that McCalls is trying to go for a Once Upon A Time look here. Emma anyone? Actually, the way the model looks in this image, it's almost like they're trying to do a Matrix type thingy. Which... sorta doesn't work, but okay. 

OUAT and Matrix. Sure.

Lastly, on the same OUAT vibe, this pattern makes me think of Regina. It's a pretty badical pattern, I love the long-coat thingy. Actually, I like both the last two patterns for the simple fact that they're long coats with pants and boots. COOLNESS. 

Thinking briefly of the possibilities that these last two patterns afford, I'd totally go for a rad Jedi costume with them. How cool would that be? And it would work too... hmm. Now this is going to send me on another Star Wars costume spin. 

Huzzah for fangirling and patterns! What do you think of the new McCalls patterns?


  1. The Merida pattern tempts me. :)

  2. i actually bought that mccalls steampunk pattern....I mistakenly thought the bustle was actually attached/part of the jacket. My bad. :(

  3. The white Once Upon a Time costume is based on Snow White's battle costume from season 2:

    The other view pretty well matches Milah's costume from the same season. I totally bought every pattern in this post (except the steampunk one)-- I love it when they decide to make patterns of all my favorite things!


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